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Mobile Site

We are proud to say that our Mobile site is now running and is looking great! Go check it out!
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Whitfield Workboard

Whitfield Welding is proud to announce plant timing logistics has been added to the Member Workboard. If you wish to track your job through our plant processes, please Contact Us.
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Metallurgy Lab

A Metallurgical Lab has been added to our Fasan facility. this addition of equipment including wire edm, sample saws, and polishing tables for sample preparation, metallography microscope for inspection, macro, micro hardness testing and chemical analysis will ensure our customers requirements are being met,. Contact Us for more details.
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Forge Welder

Whitfield Welding has added Forge Welding system to its additive welding department. The Forge Welding system allows us to deposit 60 pounds of material an hour, this allows for a large surface to be built up and repaired quickly. Visit our Forge Welding Section or Contact Us for more details.
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Laser Cladding of Beryllium Copper


Whitfield Welding Inc. is proud to be a welding partner with Absolute Welding Inc.

Their goal is to provide customers with the best quality and service available in the welding industry. Absolute Welding Inc. has dedicated welding facilities with the knowledge and welding technology to maximize a die's life, repair a damaged mold and perform specialty welding. Whitfield Welding Inc. and Absolute Welding Inc. want to make your company more profitable with facilities in Borden, Indiana and in Windsor, Ontario.

Windsor-Roscon Facility (Whitfield Welding Inc.)
Corporate Office, Tool Welding(Macro), Forge Welding, Stress Relief
Mail Address: 5425 Roscon Industrial Dr., Oldcastle, Ontario, NOR 1L0, Canada
Phone: 519-737-1814
Fax: 519-737-1813

Windsor-Fasan Facility (Whitfield Welding Inc.)
Tool Welding(Micro), Laser Engraving, Laser Hardening, Laser Cladding, Metallurgical Lab
Mail Address: 2070 Fasan Dr., Oldcastle, Ontario, NOR 1L0, Canada
Phone: 519-737-0763

Indiana Facility (Absolute Welding Inc.)
Tool Welding, Forge Welding
Mail Address: 130 East Street, Borden, Indiana, 47106, USA
Phone: 812-923-8001
Fax: 812-558-3752

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