• Service: Chemical Analysis
  • Metal Type: Iron, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel
  • Chemical Composition Result: C,Si,Mn,P,S,Cr,Mo,Ni,Al,Co,Cu,Nb,Ti,V,W,Pb,As, Zr,Zn,Mg,Cd,Bi,Ag,Be,Ca,Na,Sr
  • Purpose: The Spectrometer is a high power universal metal analyzer. Its heart consists of the plasma generator, special optics, new high performance readout system and ICAL logic system; all innovative components that make the Spectrometer more precise, simpler and more reliable.


  • Service: Rockwell Tester
  • Hardness Result: Leeb value (L) which can convert to Brinell, Shore, and Vickers
  • Purpose: The Equotip hardness tester is a light weight, yet extremely powerful portable hardness tester for all metallic materials.

Nikon Epiphot

  • Service: Metallurgical Examination
  • Objective Magnification: 50x/100x/200x/400x
  • Illumination: 12V 50W high intensity Halogen
  • Camera: AmScope MT microscope camera

Buehler Oscillamet

  • Service: Metallurgical Preparation
  • Specimen Capacity: 12.5 x 3.75 (with oscillation)
  • Abrasive wheel: 12 dia. x .100 wide
  • Right hand and left hand vise for irregular specimens
  • Purpose: Metallurgical Abrasive Saw

Buehler EcoMet 12

  • Service: Metallurgical Preparation
  • Dimensions: 21.5 W x 22.5 D x 22.5 H
  • Platen: Diameter: 12-inch
  • Speed: 10-500 rpm

Struers Duramin

  • Service: Metallurgical Hardness Tester
  • Sample Capacity: 120 L x 120 W x 100 H (mm)
  • Measurement Modes: Vickers (HV), Knoop (HK), Brinell (BH)

Leco Mounting

  • Service: Metallurgical Preparation
  • Mount Size: 2" diameter
  • Able to produce 2 mounts at a time
  • Mounting Media: PhenoCure (Black)